Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

Next-Generation Printed Solar Energy Solutions for Competitive Power Generation

Nanosolar is a market leading thin-film PV solutions manufacturer helping globally dispersed customers and partners reduce system costs, thus driving solar energy adoption in existing and new markets. Our proprietary approach to “industrial” roll-to-roll printing of CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium) and patented nanoparticle inks minimize our use of expensive, high vacuum manufacturing equipment.  We produce light weight solar cells independently from solar panels. This allows us to locate panel assembly factories near the demand for solar energy in local markets, further optimizing supply chains, reducing transportation costs, leveraging local resources, and shortening product cycle- and delivery times to project sites.

Print2Power™: Next-gen CIGS Platform Enables Higher Conversion Efficiency
and Superior Thermal Stability

Nanosolar’s new proprietary, next-generation CIGS technology platform, Print2Power™, enables our technology roadmap to increase power conversion efficiencies to 16 percent and beyond eventually matching if not potentially surpassing current c-Si efficiency rates, while reducing total costs and enabling new applications.

Print2Power™ delivers further optimization of our manufacturing flow to reduce the Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) of our PV cells at new  performance points – for example, energy yields and temperature coefficients—that will enable new competitively priced products for innovative applications and market opportunities.

NanoSolar: Printed Solar Energy

We aim to design innovative products that will accelerate the adoption of solar power and create a sustainable energy system both domestically and globally. There are so many geographic locations where thin film delivers a competitive advantage. Moreover, Nanosolar’s Print2Power™ technology promises better energy conversion efficiencies and tangible cost advantages over c-SI that are or real value to our customers and partners.