Commercial Roof (BIPV)

Commercial Roof (BIPV)

BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)

With the rising price of electricity, businesses are looking more to rooftop solar as a way to lower their bills. However, the current solutions are still expensive and can even damage the roof. The basic solar module design has not changed in 50 years. While this design has worked for ground mounted systems, it is not the best choice for rooftops. Metal racked, glass based solar modules require penetrations, ballast and create heavy weight point loads. The result is shorter roof lifetime and increased service calls.

Our vision is to make every roof a solar roof. By creating a solar solution that works with the roof, requires no ballast or penetrations, Nanosolar is able to offer a more scalable solution. Fully integrated solutions, known as BIPV, are projected to be one of the fastest growing solar segments. At less than one pound per square foot and with utility class power densities, our innovative PV designs will drive down electricity costs and enable solar to reach more rooftops.

The Nanosolar Utility Panel

Print2Power™ Technology

• Next-gen CIGS platform enables higher power conversion efficiency

High Light Performance

• Excellent peak production profile in mid-day sun

High Performance at High Temperatures

• Low temperature coefficients mean better performance in hot climates

Lower Array Mismatch

• Improved maximum power point tracking (MPPT) reduces system losses

High-Current, Low-Voltage Design

• Longer strings for lower wiring costs
• 25A fuse rating enables parallel circuits

Rugged Panel Design

• Resistant to high wind and snow loads
• Low breakage rate and easier installation