Mobile Consumer

Mobile Consumer

Keeping the mobile user powered up

According to the research firm IDC, global tablet sales will more than double to 282.7 million units by 2016, while smartphone shipments in the 4th quarter of 2012 grew to more than 700 million units. As capabilities increase in these technologies, battery lifetimes are not keeping up. Often, the batteries in your smartphone are completely drained by the end of the day. For some heavy users, that could happen as early as lunchtime. As the devices age, the batteries continue to decline. When being next to an outlet is not an option, our innovative, lightweight, and durable Print2Powerâ„¢ technology platform can be. With a solar integrated tablet cover, backpack, handbag or other accessory, you can charge on the go. Given enough sunlight, you may never need to hunt down an outlet again.

Oh, and by the way, our lightweight solar cell utilizes a metal wrap through (MWT) architecture that can be customized to almost any pattern! The MWT pattern on the front of the cell carries the electricity through the circuit of the device. By screen printing silver onto the surface of the cells we can maximize efficiency and lower cost. By modifying the screen print, we can recreate your desired images. Imagine the possibilities of jewelry-like art on the surface of our cells shining through in your product. And this artwork is still functional, carrying the current of the cells through the device. It is a powerful integration of artistry and technology – The possibilities are endless!

At Nanosolar, we thrive on bringing our advanced CIGS thin-film technology to diverse markets to solve real world energy problems. We see mobile consumer applications for solar power as a key potential for our Print2Powerâ„¢ technology to intersect with your creative product design needs.